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The current high-tech is marked by the arrival of Google very noticeable in the field of data storage services online (also called ” cloud “in the language of Shakespeare). A market in strong growth in recent years with the proliferation of devices allowing us to access our data (Smartphone’s, computers, tablets …).

Hundreds of millions of potential users

Google Drive, but he brings a revolution or is this just a clone of what is already in the competition?

If we look at the functions delivered and we compare them with what is offered its biggest competitor in the field, Drop box, we can already make some observations:

1. Google Drive resembles a lot to Drop box: software used as alike as two drops of water.

2. Drop box keeps the advantage of ease of use, and delivers more comfortable sharing features and more comprehensive than its competitor.

3. Google, meanwhile, has included technology to Google Drive home to try to make a difference: character recognition with OCR on scanned documents, image recognition, search engine more powerful than its competitor direct integration of Picasa and Google Docs.

Nothing really revolutionary in the end? Maybe, except that Google Drive joined the vast galaxy of services offered by Google: Picasa  , Google Docs, Gmail, Google, Android … And with more than 350 million active users Gmail, Google offers a huge pool of potential users of this new ” cloud “house. One might therefore speculate on the future rather promising.

To embark on the market “Cloud “?

But what may be the strategy of Google to come and compete leader Drop box  , this type of market?

I think that fact, Google Drive allows especially the Internet giant to fight on two fronts at once. The inclusion of a data sharing service line should surely be of interest to companies. The all-in-one offered by Google is expected to increase its influence in the professional world.

Note, however, that Google Drive is currently not suitable for professional use because it lacks the function LAN Sync, to synchronize files between multiple stations are on the same local network without overloading the Internet connection of a company.

Part of the services offered by Google messaging, photo, search engine (R. Fluger / SIPA).

On the other hand, the service “cloud “also works on Apple flowerbeds. In fact, the Apple brand launched last year “iCloud”  , its proprietary solution for storing and sharing data online (“iCloud” can be used only by Apple devices). Google Drive appears as the ideal complement to Android in the Smartphone market and touch pads, and as a direct competitor to iCloud.

Huge potential interactions

By many years the galaxy of services offered by Google should be able to use a computer or tablet personal data without necessarily having to use a proprietary operating system: whether you’re on Windows, Mac OS X or Linux (although Google has not released Drive software for free operating system, users have begun to develop alternatives).

Is not this the dream that Google together virtually all uses of the Internet in the same interface? If the previous attempt to create an operating system stamped Google Chrome OS  , has not met with success, nothing prevents the brand returning to the load when the market becomes more mature for his project.

After all, Google had tried a sword in the water with its Orkut social network and collaborative solution Google Wave  … and then come back with the Google+ social network which, although not yet tried the general public, has managed to gather a community of users larger than Twitter in less than a year.

Remember those who predicted the failure of Android against the iPhone at its output, while the Smartphone operating system Google has now won the majority of the market for mobile … Will history repeat or not.

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