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“So if you’are good SEO, someone who is paying attention to conversion and not just rankings on trophy sentences, then you might want to pay some attention to testing different Meta descriptions that might result in more clicks through conversions and possibly more.” Matt cuts – Google in March 2012. In previous post I told Google search engine mechanism change according to Google penguin algorithm. And this every tips work fine with penguin algorithm. In very first I like to introduce some blog to which important to your further knowledge. this is officially Google search blog.

1. When you enter tag for your post try to include few words. If you can insert one key word for each term its high probability to get high traffic. When increase the word for each key word less chances to get high traffic. In example if you write about apple iPhone you should include iPhone as key word. When apple iPhone or iPhone 4, any other reduce the visibility of your content

2. When you enter some tag it must be inside content of your post. Because Google now extract information from the post and check their include right content.

3. When you have to include picture use alt tag, description according to your photo. It will help to get high traffic.

4. Your site loading speed is good opportunity to get high rank. Check your site with different browser how their performance.

5. Reduce the disable link and page not found errors in site it also track by Google now. (more…)

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1 – Processor

This is the most important think in notebook. When comparing desktop computer and notebook processor same speed processors not given same performance. There for you have to think carefully what you going to do with notebook (programming, video editing, gaming etc) when using to day to day life is not essential to high speed processors. But video editing, gaming (more…)

Apparently Google remains committed in its effort to get us to hate very friendly animals, like the panda formerly and now the Penguin. What made these poor animals have to search?

To the point, in late April 2012, namely April 25, 2012, we launched a new update to the Google algorithm; Google update named the Penguin (“Penguin Update”) and is probably one of the updates Destructive SEO more recent years.

This update follows on the same line and the previous trend, as Google Panda, penalizing sites with low quality content and excessive handling, but in this case the update is focused on a more specific:


The last thing that you will need before being able to launch his blog is to choose a design / theme / template for it.

This is probably the most uncertain of creating a blog, as if you don’t have a taste for the design, you have little chance of acquiring it, at least in a short period of time. And remember that few of those who do not are aware of this themselves. So, if you don’t want to spend a fortune for a paid design or designer services yet, my main suggestion is that you choose a free template of the clean and simple design for his blog. So won’t have to worry about this at least until your blog grow big enough and perhaps even generate some income to pay for a proper redesign.

If you took my suggestion and chose WordPress as a blog platform, you will have a good chance of finding a free design template that look good. However, it will take a little time in this.

Review about 50 or 100, or even more, templates WordPress to get a sense of what is good and what is bad and then choose a clean template that is appropriate to the theme of your blog and does not seem (more…)

How You Can Start to Make Money With Your Blog From Today

A model for making money

Just as you must have a plan to ensure your success and start making money with your blog is very important to have a specific plan to work with monetization.

You need a simple way that gives a general idea of where to go and what to do and in what order to run this plan.

Follow the next six points that will show you from now on will ensure that you will have a future public involved and willing to buy your products and you refer to them:

Tip1Create a list and engage your audience

When I started a few years ago I thought I would just write some good things, some advertisers would like to contact me, and then I would somehow get the money a month from advertisements.


Earn money with Bubblestat

Posted: May 15, 2012 in Earn Money
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Here is a very interesting tool for your blog or on your website. Bubblestat ® is a tool
free statistics and classification of web sites, but not only…                                                                                                                                                                             Bubblestat ® also pays your traffic!


Thus, you have your statistics in real time (number of page views, visitors)
on a day, a week…) posted on your site.


Description: (more…)

Created in 2007, ExoClick is a commercial Spanish, also present in France and the United States. Nevertheless, it is for advertisers and publishers from around the world. She specializes in display and click pay, and proposes a threshold of minimum payment established at €20.

Commissions are paid weekly via Paypal, ePassporte, bank transfer or cheque.
Discover how to generate more gains from your sites and your domains.