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Mark Zuckerberg’s company has the means to protect themselves, but the group of hackers has proved it can go very far. Those who fear that social networking can fall – or those who want to prevent account theft – can download all your data with a couple of ‘clicks’. This is a very visible and accessible option but little known.

To perform data downloading a file, the user must refer to the button ‘Account’ located in the upper right corner of Facebook. It then opens a menu where you must select ‘Account Settings’. The default display shows the menu ‘General’, in which you can edit the user name, password, language and networks and the related accounts and email address.

Under this menu option ‘Download a copy’, directed to another window which explains in detail this role. Facebook says that the file contains any user who has photo and video sharing social network and publications in the Wall, friends list, messages and chat conversations. The photos of friends, status updates and comments the user has posted in other accounts are excluded from the data download.

The window adds a warning message, which encourages the user to protect your private information. “Your Facebook file includes important (more…)

blogger gadget facebook

First, you must register your blog from blogger as a page or a group on Facebook. Choose either information, the title, the description and the image that will be logo.Then invite your friends and readers to register. For readers there is a 

widget – and this is what we are going to talk about.

Therefore, for this widget, log on to Facebook, go to the Blog page and click on “Add a widget on the Web site”

Select your blog and change the two options as you wish: they include news and show the fans (I recommend both)

Click on + Blogger.
Then, go to page layout and then move the widget in the column of your choice. When have positioned you, modify and look at this:

“fb:fan connections =”x”width =”and”profile_id =”110083063877? stream =”z”

You can replace x with the number of fans that want to appear (I recommend an even number for easy viewing), and by the width of the column in pixels and 0 or 1 for display or name of the sequence (the news).

Here is another option

CSS: its own style of the map widget
height: height of the widget in pixels

Facebook is a popular online Social Network That Allows users to connect with your friends and relatives from all corners of the world.

Finally, Facebook has failed to maintain the confidentiality of the media user attacks. Thousands of users have complained that some of the features Facebook will not protect your personal information, cause a lot of Petition against public functions, Facebook requires the suppression of security users. Facebook privacy has been improved to better protect their customers with information, but if you’re still not satisfied, you may want to consider a turn-off to permanently delete your personal history.
Login to your Facebook account with a username and password. “Home” menu, click on “friends” in the menu bar at the top. then manually delete all of your friendship by simply clicking the “x” next to each name.


Facebook’s privacy policy. 10 tips on how to protect your information.

Facebook has announced that the system has 300 million registered users, but the Internet giant says fairly little about our privacy policy. Already more than once is a scandal for this reason, the U.S. study showed that as many as 45% of employers seeking information about the candidates on social websites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn. So, here are 10 tips, even how to protect your data.

1st Create your list of friends.

Select Friends> All Friends.

Select Create to create the lists of friends, other friends, relatives, coworkers. That you need to set some privacy settings. On the right you will see all your friends. Select Add to the list and assign each of them my friends.