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Apparently Google remains committed in its effort to get us to hate very friendly animals, like the panda formerly and now the Penguin. What made these poor animals have to search?

To the point, in late April 2012, namely April 25, 2012, we launched a new update to the Google algorithm; Google update named the Penguin (“Penguin Update”) and is probably one of the updates Destructive SEO more recent years.

This update follows on the same line and the previous trend, as Google Panda, penalizing sites with low quality content and excessive handling, but in this case the update is focused on a more specific:


The popularity of WordPress plays against him in some respects. The fact that  time more companies using WordPress for their official websites, e-commerce platforms and corporate blogs makes our dear WordPress is target of attack from hackers.

And the most common way that hackers use to control a web site often introduce malware into the code, so that they can get management permissions, and thereby access to all data of the web for their uses, usually fraudulent.

I have already spoken on other occasions of some measures to ensure WordPress, but today I want to make list of basic, a reminder, to protect from malware to WordPress.

Let it…

Change passwords on a regular basis: not just the WordPress but also those of FTP, PHP myAdmin access and even the access to the control (more…)

blogger gadget facebook

First, you must register your blog from blogger as a page or a group on Facebook. Choose either information, the title, the description and the image that will be logo.Then invite your friends and readers to register. For readers there is a 

widget – and this is what we are going to talk about.

Therefore, for this widget, log on to Facebook, go to the Blog page and click on “Add a widget on the Web site”

Select your blog and change the two options as you wish: they include news and show the fans (I recommend both)

Click on + Blogger.
Then, go to page layout and then move the widget in the column of your choice. When have positioned you, modify and look at this:

“fb:fan connections =”x”width =”and”profile_id =”110083063877? stream =”z”

You can replace x with the number of fans that want to appear (I recommend an even number for easy viewing), and by the width of the column in pixels and 0 or 1 for display or name of the sequence (the news).

Here is another option

CSS: its own style of the map widget
height: height of the widget in pixels

The last thing that you will need before being able to launch his blog is to choose a design / theme / template for it.

This is probably the most uncertain of creating a blog, as if you don’t have a taste for the design, you have little chance of acquiring it, at least in a short period of time. And remember that few of those who do not are aware of this themselves. So, if you don’t want to spend a fortune for a paid design or designer services yet, my main suggestion is that you choose a free template of the clean and simple design for his blog. So won’t have to worry about this at least until your blog grow big enough and perhaps even generate some income to pay for a proper redesign.

If you took my suggestion and chose WordPress as a blog platform, you will have a good chance of finding a free design template that look good. However, it will take a little time in this.

Review about 50 or 100, or even more, templates WordPress to get a sense of what is good and what is bad and then choose a clean template that is appropriate to the theme of your blog and does not seem (more…)

internet_explorer_9.jpgabout 5 in the morning time Polish premiered the latest Microsoft’s browser-Internet Explorer 9. Your application will offer full support for HTML5 and CSS3. You use the accelerate graphics for text, video and graphics. It is also faster and more secure.

The Program can be either downloaded from the Internet and install or update by Windows Update in Windows 7, Vista, and Windows Server 2008.

All the fans of the old IE browsers (especially version 6) are encouraged to update.

In the previous article on resources for creating WordPress themes in HTML5, we talked about a number of very useful for web design plugins, because they allow us to make the leap to the latest version of HTML.

In this article we will talk about themes developed WordPress thinking about HTML5 and its use as a starting point to create custom templates. If you do web design freelance, you will know only too well that this is something really important.

You can find a simple example of how to create a HTML5 template for WordPress, as well as the way to clarify the code in anatomy of a wordpress theme.

Also, it is desirable to analyse any already created HTML5 template for WordPess, as in the case of the subject Yoko, which not only uses HTML5, but that you are ready for Internet Explorer versions prior to the 9.

One of the most practical ways to implement HTML5 to our WordPress site or our template, is to take a base theme. That is, choose an existing template that we will modify our information. If this is the case, there is also a large amount of free online access templates, as well as other payment.

Roots is a template designed based on HTML5 and Boilerplate (a model HTML5 encoding native, adaptable to all browsers). Roots include several plugins, elements for the link to Twitter and Facebook and optimization for SEO (search engine optimization).

Similar benefits offers the template Reverie, inspired by Roots with some characteristics. Stresses the ability to adapt to different resolutions and devices flexibly (responsive design).

Bones, is a theme that helps you develop in HTML5, also have in mind the responsive design, or design adaptive web (to resolutions and various devices). With a very clean and well documented code.

TwentyTen Five, can of course, resort to the basics using this theme, which is an evolution of the classic TwentyTen brought before default WordPress, only that converted to HTML5.

In sum, a lot of templates that will facilitate the creation of our own themes of WordPress in HTML5, don’t try!.