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apple map,aaple,aapple,ap store,aplle,aplple,appke,apple cloud,apple google maps,apple mail,apple maps,apple store,apple store us,,applr,applw,appple,google map software,iwork 11One of the most striking changes in iOS 6 is the card application. We say goodbye to the familiar Google Maps and welcome Apple’s own maps application. Although the app at first feel very stiff and slow happens lies the skill and improvement in the details.

Everything looks a bit slicker and sleeker than its predecessor. The satellite images are not equally sharp, the standard map is it against good and clear. The biggest shortcoming is the Street View option that we are used to from Google. This option is not available in the Apple app cards. It is against the possible cities in 3D view, however, the number of towns.

The route guidance is very ‘clean’ only the necessary is displayed on screen. For additional route information you need to tap on the screen, for example, remaining mileage and arrival to see. There are two different display modes: 2D and 3D. The 3D display is automatically adjusted to 2D at the intersections, turns and such. This for a better overview. With a simple pinch or spread motion you can zoom in and out on the map during the route.

The entire route is immediately loaded and stored locally, so you have no data connection during the ride. During navigation it is possible to use other applications (for example, the music app) via a message strip you will be kept informed of the traffic instructions. In addition, it is also possible to use the application in sleep mode. Screen you can access via the route is always ready reference when you take action, the screen will automatically light up.

One of the biggest advantages is that you always get the latest maps available to you and of course anywhere in the world can be found easily in the application. When you are abroad you may switch to the playback Miles.

Unfortunately, the maps application some downsides, so you cannot see actual speed indication and there is no possible chance to be warned (more…)


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That’s why I bring the following recommendations that we used one to one guarantee for much longer enjoy them.


1.Problem: The rear

It is the longest passing in contact with the surface, in early versions of iPhone and now the iPod Touch are metallic, which makes it very easy scratching and fingerprint are impregnated and fluids and you look a bit ugly.


The best way to protect it is a case, on the market a wide range of cases for the iPhone and iPod Touch  of different colors and materials to protect them also gives them a much more elegant appearance and beautiful.

I personally rather like the rigid, besides protecting it from scratches helps to absorb shock if dropped.

2.Problem: Screen Scratches

There is a myth that the screen of the iPhone and iPod Touch are proof is just a myth, I checked myself with my first iPod Touch and test the (more…)

New features iOS6,does siri work on,download ios 4.2,ios 4.2,ios 4.3 software update,ios 6 google,ios6,ios6 developer,ios6 map,ios6 release,ios6 update,latest ios update,new features ios6,new in ios6,new ios update,new ios6,update ios6,update to ios6We were accustomed to large changes in new versions of iOS, but that will be different with iOS 6. The following additions make it definitely worth it to upgrade to the new operating system. iOS 6 since Wednesday for anyone with an iPhone 3GS, 4 and 4S download. The iPad 2 and 3, as the fourth generation iPod Touch with the new mobile OS.


Add photos and videos to email messages

For years, users complained that if wanted to send a picture that could only do so from the Photos app. Finally you can now easily share files with messages to send from the Mail app.

 Choose from multiple signatures to e-mails

Another irritation that has long existed but had the disadvantage that you have a signature to posts you could put. iOS 6 imposes blockade: You can now any e-mail account has a different signature. Hopefully Apple adds in iOS 7 finally the long awaited filtering options for e-mail.

 Rearrange mailboxes, filter favourites

Another improvement to the mail program of iOS is the ability to the mailboxes in your accounts list to rearrange. This is done with the random arrangement from earlier versions.

iOS 6 the VIP virtual mailbox (more…)

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There are a lot of solutions that you can ensure that your battery lasts longer, you can try the following solutions:

Disable Apps

Place the apps you are not using; you do this by pressing the home button. This causes the multitasking window at the bottom. Keep your finger a few seconds on an app so that a minus symbol appears above the app and then click the minus icons to other apps exit.

Restoring the network settings.

Of all the networks that a wireless connection is made in the past data preserved. With this data, for example locates known Wi-Fi access points. These data can be removed by restoring the network settings

Jump to: General Settings ▸ ▸ ▸ Reset Reset Network Settings.

Turn Bluetooth off when you are not using

Go to: Settings ▸ General ▸ Bluetooth (more…)

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IOS updates and carrier

Synchronization is the means by which you update the iPhone “iOS” operating system software and any specific carrier releases your wireless carrier. Just as you need to make periodic updates to the Windows operating system on your computer, update the iOS software to optimize the function of your iPhone for use with newer versions of applications. Update software the carrier, however, optimizes the phone for use on your carrier’s network.

Jailbreak and iOS Version

If you update your iOS software for iTunes synchronization, you may undo the jailbreak. Unauthorized jail breaking procedure, Third and individuals who have developed software that allows you to jailbreak your iPhone still slightly behind the latest versions of iOS. Therefore, it is highly desirable to click “No” when iTunes asks if you want to upgrade to the latest version of iOS for synchronization, unless you know for sure that your jailbreak that supports up one of the versions of iOS.

Dangers of not upgrading software

If failure to upgrade iOS-carrier or if it has born from fear to undo a jailbreak, can have tangible effects on the proper function and capabilities of your iPhone. Updating the carrier AT & T released in September 2009, for example, allows text messages MMS picture and video for both U.S. iPhone. If you had been unlocked and chooses not to upgrade your software accordingly carrier, your iPhone would remained unable to send and receive MMS messages.

i phone j break advantage,3gs,apple iphone,cheap iphone 4,cheap iphones,i phone 4 deals,ihone 4,ihpone 4,iphone 3gs 4.3,iphone g3,iphones for sale,ipone 4,jailbreak,jailbreak 4.3,jailbreak iphone 3gs,jailbreak ipod touch,jailbreak my iphone,jailbreak my iphone 4,jailbreak my ipod,jailbreak your iphone,jailbreak your ipod,phones for sale,refurbished iphone,refurbished iphones,spirit jailbreak,unlock iphone 2g,unlock iphone 3gs,unlock iphone 3gs 4.1,unlock iphone 3gs 4.3,unlock iphone 4,unlock iphone 4 4.3,unlock my iphone,unlock your iphone,used iphonesIn previous post i bring how to jailbreak iPhone 4,4s and 3g via Sydia and still some people don’t understand the advantage of jail breaking.

The first thought that comes to anyone’s mind is that they would be able to use the phone jailbreak? Jailbreak IPhone means getting all the applications on the iPhone then other applications available through the Apple Store and applications can also be customized.

There were other reasons for the iPhone jail break when the IOS-3 was launched. At that time people-jail beaked their phones to zoom the photos and videos you upload on you tube .With current high number of unlock and jailbreak iPhone 4S 4 and 3G services

In the market, it can be difficult to make the right choice when deciding which company to choose. With the release of iOS-4 these features are available on the phone so you must be thinking what is the advantage of j-Brea-king ail the iPhone now?

The main advantage of jail breaking the iPhone 4 is the ability to turn an iPhone into Wi-Fi phones for navigation can be done easily. This allows the device to connect to Wifi. By iPhone jail breaking, the image transfer via Wi-Fi can be easy. If the phone is not jailbreak blue tooth is not accessible. Another application that can be used in the phone is Jail Break.

The application called “face time” allows person to have a video call with someone. For now, the face of a 3G connection needed to be tied with Wi-Fi. And if the phone is separate from jail call many other things to do like downloading YouTube videos, TV show customization, etc. More and more can be done on the phone jail break.

On the lock screen you can put all the information you want to see without unlocking the iPhone. Unlock IPhone can even allow updating the phone to iOS 5. Information such as notification of new emails, missed call alert etc.

Weather forecast can bear. The header of the phone can also be customized. There is no limit to what is available and what can be done in the jail break iPhone. There are many reasons why people go to jailbreak of the iPhone.

One of the major drawbacks of the jail to the iPhone is that the phone will not come under warranty. The iPhone will be an iPhone Jail breaking for all new applications and all the possibilities that are not available for the regular use of iPhone, the phone is not jail break. Jailbreak Unlock iPhone 4S iPhone 4S 4 3GS 3G All models and versions

anroid ice cream sandwich specification,4.0 ice cream sandwich htc,android ice cream sandwich features,apad android 2.2,cheap tablet pc,cheapest android tablet,galaxy nexus ice,galaxy nexus ice cream,galaxy nexus ice cream sandwich,honeycomb tablet,honeycomb tablets,htc flyer tablet,ice cream sandwich review,lenovo tablet,mobile ice cream sandwich,samsung nexus ice,samsung nexus ice cream,samsung nexus ice cream sandwich,sandwich operating system,sandwich release date,superpad 10.2 tablet pc,tablet android 2.3,tablet pc,tablet phone,xoom tabletAndroid Ice Cream Sandwich is replace of Android 3 Honeycomb which got popularity among their fans. It design for Smart phones and tablets.

The Android Ice Cream Sandwich – is not just an improved version of Android 3 Honeycomb, is radically new software, which in the world of IT has been dubbed by the operating system of the future.

Interface of Android Ice Cream Sandwich apparently has not been amended. Letters from the e-mail with Android Ice Cream Sandwich is now possible to read without checking the box. They will be displayed on the desktop; in addition, they are fairly easy to scroll through.

Users of “sandwich” will be able to change the size of icons and icons on the desktop. By the way, the interface of Android Ice Cream Sandwich has absorbed all the best from the operating system Android 3 Honeycomb.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich to Android 3 Honeycomb is the operating system is a “sandwich” can run on tablets and on smartphones , while the Android 3 Honeycomb created exclusively for tablets. So, Android 4 can be called universal program.

A plus is the fact that the Android 4 can connect any USB device, and thus they will be perfectly functional. A 3D graphic effects “sandwich” – is the result of the screen, which is adapted to the position of the user’s face.

However, the system requirements for the operating system is quite severe. Optional dual-core processor, the frequency of which shall not be less than 1.2 or 1.5 GHz, impressive screen size, and format for the video shoot 1080.