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A plague that has long lain dormant is that malware for Mac OS X. The personal computer operating system from Apple has the reputation to be a secure platform. Viruses, worms, Trojans and other pests that plague Windows for years, are hardly touched on Mac OS X. But that does not mean that there is no malware. There is simply much less malware on this platform.

Why? Partly because OS X from the ground up with certain security ingrained, user default not when administrator work. Simultaneously lacked Apple’s operating system until recently few layers of protection that Windows already has. But the Mac is less, thus less interesting for malware creators, provides another explanation.

Cybercriminals target now also specifically on the Mac. As with the Flashback malware, which first occurred as an update for Adobe Flash for (more…)

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In the clouds of iCloud

Apple’s free iCloud service is just after the launch of OS X Lion in the air, mid 2011. With this online service, among other data, notes, reminders, pictures and files wirelessly and automatically sync between iPhone, iPad and Mac computers. OS X Lion Mountain streamlines this integration further by allowing iCloud daily use even less noticeable and much better. Tucked away in the background keeps the files and settings to a supported application. These are in sync with a (free) online storage 5 GB and with any iPhone and iPad. Normal users do not know as to have more folders and file formats. Everything is synchronized in the background without the user noticing or need to do, very convenient.


After ten years of faithful service, the chat iChat no longer part of OS X. For all chat needs and other fast messages iMessage is built. With iMessage is possible to quickly and easily from your Mac to send messages to anyone with an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch that iOS 5 on it. (more…)

mountain lion ox x update,lion upgrade,mountain lion app store,mountain lion compatible,mountain lion upgrade,osx 10.6,osx 10.7,osx mountain lion,ox 10.6,x 10.7,x lion 10.7Apple just released along with iOS 6, the upgrade of Mountain Lion 10.8.2 with some more interesting news.

These add Facebook integration in the system, the same way did with Twitter. Include notifications from Facebook in the Notifications Center and to share links and photos through this social network.

Other news

Game Center

Let’s share our brands through Facebook, Twitter, Mail or Messages

Included are Facebook friends in Game Center Recommended

Add the button “Like” Facebook for games.

New Features

Adds support to Power Nap Mac Book Air late 2010

IMessages messages sent to our phone number will also appear on your Mac

You can add cards to Passbook on iPhone from Safari and Mail on the Mac

New shared lists of reminders.

Receive Face Time calls sent to our phone number.

Finally we can sort your notes by title, date modified and / or creation .

The function dictated now understands Spanish.

Other improvements

Version 10.8.2 also improves the stability, compatibility and security of your Mac

Added the option to cancel the changes in the document original select “Save As.”

The unsent drafts open automatically when you open Mail

Shorten URLs to post to Twitter from the notification center.

Notifications are disabled during Airplay mirroring.

Safari option to open the pages previously open web.

The update takes up about 360 MB and is available from System Update.

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Windows, the ‘relative utility

Microsoft is the giant that produces and markets Windows, the operating system that uses 90% of personal computers in the world (the latest version is Windows 8). Its price is around 120 Euros and is often included in the price of the computer itself (which is around 1,200 Euros).

Windows is the facto standard that covers the vast majority of needs of the average user. Whether to write documents, surf the Internet, listen to music, watch movies, touch up digital photos or enjoy the latest games, Windows is easy to use and configure, no need (more…)

Apple has unveiled a brand new MacBook Pro 15-inch thin and light design, with a superb Retina display, storage entirely in flash memory and quad-core processors.Measuring just 1.80 inches thick and weighs only 2.02 kg, this MacBook Pro, completely redesigned, sets a new standard for performance and portability for business users.

With over 5 million pixels, or 3 million more than the HDTV, the Retina display the new MacBook Pro is the laptop screen with the highest resolution in the world. The pixel density of the Retina display, set at 220 pixels per inch, is so high that the human eye can not distinguish individual pixels at normal viewing distance as text and graphics stand out they do with sharpness. The Retina display implements the IPS technology provides a viewing angle of 178 °, generates 75% less glare and has a contrast up 29% over the previous generation.
With (more…)

The ClamBook is a new accessory for iPhone that allows you to add the device a wider screen and a keyboard, allowing users to leave their laptops at home.

The ClamBook has a design similar to the MacBook Air. This accessory makes use of MHL, combining a USB 2.0 port and an HDMI port to connect to the iPhone and load it at the same time. One of the advantages of this model on others that are currently on the market, is its compatibility with a variety of platforms and devices, including iOS and Android. It has a screen of 16: 9 as well as a trackpad; as well as button with specific functions.

The ClamBook will be available from July this year but not yet its price has been announced yet. For more information interested parties can visit the product page.

The arrival of the virus Flashback on the Mac has hinted the grim reality: the Apple system is not free from viruses, and security of OS X is improved. Fortunately the solutions to counter trojan arrived quickly but this is not necessarily the Mac User must rest on their laurels. We therefore propose a short guide to perfect the security of your Mac.

Investing in an anti-virus

Investing is a great word because there is a well known anti-virus for Windows users has the merit of being free: the famous result Avast for Mac . There are other solutions like Sophos , ClamXav or Kaspersky . They offer all the basic tools needed to protect your computer.  (more…)

Protect your mac from virus attack

Posted: May 18, 2012 in Mac

Have your Mac safe is the priority of all, especially if you work with your computer, it very likely, given that the majority of the holders of a Mac in jobs such as photographers, graphic artists, DJs, architects, engineers, etc..

How to find out so if your Mac has contracted a nasty virus?

Users have two powerful script to do this.

Already two scripts, as when searching for the malicious file, it is essential to control two different parts of the device.

It ‘must, therefore, go and download the two files in question, there are at the following link:

Once you’re done with the download of these files, there will be sufficient to double click the “Trojan-check” and “Trojan-check 2”.