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Google has commemorated the fifth anniversary of his plans to improve online safety for users. The company explained that in that time have improved warning system in different browsers and have managed to fight the infected sites, malware attacks and phishing. Google data confirm that the five years of its initiative to have given much.

In 2007 Google created a team that aimed to develop systems that would allow for safer navigation on the Internet. This team has worked to make major browsers, Chrome, Firefox and Safari, they received warnings of threats. Google has said that in that time have worked “to accommodate the growing challenge them and to build an infrastructure that automatically detects harmful content.”

According to company data, through the efforts of the past five years have failed to protect 600 million users who use Chrome Firefox or Safari. Google explained that every day 9,500 identifies malicious Internet sites, illustrating the growing problem of infected or malicious pages.

The prevention system Google has grown and now, every day, Google warns on between 12 and 14 million searches for the requested page can be dangerous. This is an important part in the Google search system, which gives an idea of commitment to prevention that keeps the company.

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Beta version of Opera 11

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Logo operyHas been released beta version of the latest browser, Opera. You have to admit that the designer does not promote  and introduce a few really interesting features and capabilities.

A particularly interesting looks can group bookmarks. You can drag the selected bookmark and link to them in the group. Anyone who use the Internet and must be simultaneously open multiple bookmarks certainly will appreciate this functionality.

Another new attraction is the control the browser with mouse gestures. A similar solution was in Maxton. In the case of Opera presents it much better.

Nice looks also function to hide the exact address bar and run the plugin only on request. We can for example. they themselves decide when to support Flash or JavaScript to be enable

Got Google store application on new update Play landroid numbered version 3.5.19 convey store no. 3.5.16 released last month, some users have begun to receive the update automatically on their computers. Not mentioned Google any information on new in this update, the comparison between the new and old version does not show any differences in the lists and thus is likely a small update to fix some minor problems.

All cases will receive the update automatically without intervention from you, or can I download apk format application from here.



Since LG announced in the first month of the year during the exhibition CES 2012 on new TVs that run Android 3.0 (honey), we did not hear anything about those devices. But today the company announced the availability of the prior request in the United States to be LG’s second company put televisions running Android after Sony raised its last year.

Model 47G2 has a screen measuring 47 inches and is priced at $ 1599, while larger screen model 55G2 55 inch priced at $ 2099. Recalls that LG added modifications private interfaces that look pretty and practical. It also has a remote control that provides an easy way to control the mouse pointer on the screen by moving the hand required trends.

Recall that both Sony and Samsung announced earlier on new televisions running Android is supposed to be raised during the forthcoming period.




The most popular instant messaging App has been updated with many new features to the version 2.6.10:

Improved the ability to share locations, and add a search for ubicacionesAñadir to share locations of devices that have 3 iOS and iOS   error with some photos that take a long time to load when we try to send them.Display the names of the participants of group chat under the issue of group, in the bar of  navigation  languages:





Compatible devices iOS and Windows Phone 7 players can access a new version of Ms. Splosion Man, one of the great successes of the past year 2011 Xbox Live Arcade.

The developer Twisted Pixel has confirmed the arrival of the original arcade game to these devices, offering PC as seen previously in the console of Microsoft and contributing unpublished extras in mobile.

This is the “first game for mobiles” presented by Twisted Pixel and its second software designed to Steam, according to said the head of the study Michael Wildford. The developer became part of Microsoft.


Find the perfect icon for any design project can be complicated, especially when you have to sift from among the thousands and thousands of sets of icons that are freely available. This occurs in an amount of productive time lost and wasted that actually find the perfect icon becomes a kind of mission impossible.

Fortunately those of SpeckyBoy , leave us a nice collection of 10 best and useful icon search engines , we can find in the article  Top 10 Icon Search Engines and Libraries .

Fortunately the search engines do all the heavy lifting for us. Simply enter your search criteria, and we provide all possible icons from there, with the database that corresponds to your original search, making it much easier to find the appropriate icon.

Here I leave a list of them all:


Sega Company,,company profiles,dreamcast,sega,sega company,sega dreamcast,sega games,sega genesis,sega portableThe Japanese company Sega will restructured its business in the United States.UU. and Europe following the decrease in sales in the last fiscal year. Specifically, in the current fiscal year sales decreased by 8% compared to the previous period due above all to the ” adverse market conditions ” in the United States.UU. and Europe.

“In the consumer sector, we have decided to undertake a restructuring of the organization responsible for games boxed for U.S. markets.”UU. “and Europe, with the objective of establishing a structure that can generate steady profits, as a part of the strategy to restore growth and improving income,” the company said in an official statement. The digital sector will be one of the fronts in which Sega will insist to grow in the future, something demonstrated the success of titles for mobiles as Kingdom Conquest, which has sold more than 2,500,000 units in just three months. In comparison, Sonic Generations, the second best-selling title of the fiscal year, sold 1,800,000 in 4 months.