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What is Fire wall ?

A Firewall is a term meaning firewall. Its goal is exactly the same as a fire door in a public place, it is to prevent the spread of a fire so that the whole building does not burn in a few moments. At the computer, it is a border specifying what possible communications between the software and data, more precisely between the content visited on the web and drive.

Free solutions available

There are several free solutions to allow you to install a Firewall quality. It is possible to include Comodo, Online Armor Firewall Private or Zone Alarm. They are all easy to use and install, a simple search will allow you to make the acquisition.

Pay solutions developed by engineers worldwide
The greatest antivirus firewall also offer very good quality. In Avast , version “Internet Security” and “Business Protection more» integrates in the first is ideal for individuals (more…)

The popularity of WordPress plays against him in some respects. The fact that  time more companies using WordPress for their official websites, e-commerce platforms and corporate blogs makes our dear WordPress is target of attack from hackers.

And the most common way that hackers use to control a web site often introduce malware into the code, so that they can get management permissions, and thereby access to all data of the web for their uses, usually fraudulent.

I have already spoken on other occasions of some measures to ensure WordPress, but today I want to make list of basic, a reminder, to protect from malware to WordPress.

Let it…

Change passwords on a regular basis: not just the WordPress but also those of FTP, PHP myAdmin access and even the access to the control (more…)

Computer viruses are a nuisance. The real dangers are most aware of. You go where there are street lights, lock the door behind him, takes a taxi home when you’ve been in restaurants and so on. Computing world is new to most people and you do not know when or from where computer viruses come.Everything is much less clear. This article will help you avoid computer viruses,just as you avoid the dangers of reality Quick Facts

How long does it take

1. Email is the most common way of infection. You should NEVER click on a link in an email that you are not 110% sure that it comes from a trusted sender! You should even be suspicious of your friends then it could be a virus trying to infect further. There are two possible infection risks with email:
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  • You will receive an e-mail from someone you do not know who tells you to click a link. The moment you click on that link, bang, when your computer is infected with a computer world response to the bubonic plague. Often, the sender may seem to be a bank (perhaps your bank) or a company that is trustworthy. The fact is that it is quite easy to manipulate the sender of an e-mail or the domain of a link.
  • You will receive an email from someone you know. But you do not know is that your friend’s computer has been infected by a computer virus and is now trying to spread to your friend’s friends. The message is often something that makes it click friendly. For example, there should be pictures of your girlfriend naked, or that the person is sick and needs help. The allusion is always on your feelings about something.

2. Do not click on pop-up window stating sudden disaster in your town! A hacker using your IP address to determine where you are. He displays (more…)


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