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Seems that Samsung has sought to provide more recreational services for its users, the company announced yesterday usurped alshaabeya mSpot music service. This service is similar in principle to Google Music service that allows the user to lift music files to the cloud and heard across multiple organs. However, mSpot not only music but also modern movie rental on the same day they arrive as DVDs to markets, according to the company.

Samsung said that the process of acquisition of these will experience music, video, radio services, and hardware company mSpot services linked to a broader base of entertainment enthusiasts around the world.

The company did not specify the date or how where this new service will be integrated with the organs. Recalls that the rumors had stated that Samsung had intended to reveal an integrated storage service on detecting phone Galaxy S III but this did not happen.

It should be noted that HTC had captured in March, a company that provided services like MOG, seeking to enter world of entertainment in the cloud on the competition between manufacturers of phones the most.