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There are a lot of solutions that you can ensure that your battery lasts longer, you can try the following solutions:

Disable Apps

Place the apps you are not using; you do this by pressing the home button. This causes the multitasking window at the bottom. Keep your finger a few seconds on an app so that a minus symbol appears above the app and then click the minus icons to other apps exit.

Restoring the network settings.

Of all the networks that a wireless connection is made in the past data preserved. With this data, for example locates known Wi-Fi access points. These data can be removed by restoring the network settings

Jump to: General Settings ▸ ▸ ▸ Reset Reset Network Settings.

Turn Bluetooth off when you are not using

Go to: Settings ▸ General ▸ Bluetooth (more…)


mountain lion ox x update,lion upgrade,mountain lion app store,mountain lion compatible,mountain lion upgrade,osx 10.6,osx 10.7,osx mountain lion,ox 10.6,x 10.7,x lion 10.7Apple just released along with iOS 6, the upgrade of Mountain Lion 10.8.2 with some more interesting news.

These add Facebook integration in the system, the same way did with Twitter. Include notifications from Facebook in the Notifications Center and to share links and photos through this social network.

Other news

Game Center

Let’s share our brands through Facebook, Twitter, Mail or Messages

Included are Facebook friends in Game Center Recommended

Add the button “Like” Facebook for games.

New Features

Adds support to Power Nap Mac Book Air late 2010

IMessages messages sent to our phone number will also appear on your Mac

You can add cards to Passbook on iPhone from Safari and Mail on the Mac

New shared lists of reminders.

Receive Face Time calls sent to our phone number.

Finally we can sort your notes by title, date modified and / or creation .

The function dictated now understands Spanish.

Other improvements

Version 10.8.2 also improves the stability, compatibility and security of your Mac

Added the option to cancel the changes in the document original select “Save As.”

The unsent drafts open automatically when you open Mail

Shorten URLs to post to Twitter from the notification center.

Notifications are disabled during Airplay mirroring.

Safari option to open the pages previously open web.

The update takes up about 360 MB and is available from System Update.

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This is unbelievable  a 9.7 inch display Retina – 3.1 million pixels and Resolution of iPad display 2048 × 1536 But on this display enhancements do not end. Apple also improved the colour saturation of 44%. Create a display – not an easy task. To ensure adequate image quality, engineers had to separate the logic of the system display on different planes. This is a complex and unique technology.

Processor iPad 3

This model has a processor and a quad A5X graphics chip. With all the power of the new system, iPad maintained its 10 hours.

Camera iPad 3

It’s more improvement comparing iPad2 camera. The new iPad finally got a good camera. I Sight sensor have a resolution of 5 megapixels, and can (more…)

Preview iOS 6 certainly can not be called a revolution. After the death of Steve Jobs, many thought that Apple would not be the one that used to be. And now, looking at a list of changes in the new version of the operating system for handheld devices, the company inevitably catch yourself thinking, is it not a harbinger of future extinction. One could say, year after year, they say, the Apple lick iOS, adding new basic functions of a teaspoon, but these “year after year” lasts almost as five years. Major changes in the latest version focused primarily visual component, the center of the notification is useful, he will use all the time, but I can not say that this is the height of logic, precision and beauty – in most cases, this only makes the center of the turmoil.

In iOS 6 there is no breakthrough, not only those who use compromised devices have long been able to see some of the features. No matter how it was strange, but for me the biggest plus of the new version – that when you install the application does not close AppStore. If you do not use AppStore, you know, and sometimes present in iOS frank delirium. You have (more…)

Apple has unveiled a brand new MacBook Pro 15-inch thin and light design, with a superb Retina display, storage entirely in flash memory and quad-core processors.Measuring just 1.80 inches thick and weighs only 2.02 kg, this MacBook Pro, completely redesigned, sets a new standard for performance and portability for business users.

With over 5 million pixels, or 3 million more than the HDTV, the Retina display the new MacBook Pro is the laptop screen with the highest resolution in the world. The pixel density of the Retina display, set at 220 pixels per inch, is so high that the human eye can not distinguish individual pixels at normal viewing distance as text and graphics stand out they do with sharpness. The Retina display implements the IPS technology provides a viewing angle of 178 °, generates 75% less glare and has a contrast up 29% over the previous generation.
With (more…)


While it was not announced during the Keynote , Apple released a new cover designed especially for the iPad 2 and the third generation iPad. He is the iPad Smart Case, a sleeve that covers both the back as the screen of the iPad and which has a design similar to the decks Smart Cover also offered by the company.

The opaque polyurethane sheath covers the back of the iPad but maintains its appearance without adding too much volume. The front is essentially identical decks Smart Cover, allowing folding lid and turn it into a holder and screen turns to lift the lid.

The covers iPad Smart Case from Apple and are available for $49 /€ 49 in six different bright colors and them can be personalized with an engraved laser (if you buy them online through the Apple Store).

Apple Announces iOS 6

Posted: June 12, 2012 in i Phone
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During the opening of the 2012 WWDC Keynote, for developers event organized annually by Apple, was presented to iOS 6 the next generation of the software used by the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.


One of the salient features of iOS 6 is Siri. Apple says that Siri has been learning a lot in the last 8 months and the results will be in the next generation iOS. For example it has learned about sports, recommendations of restaurants, movies and theaters schedules, send tweets and he has also learned to launch apps.

Another novelty is that in addition to the iPhone 4S, Siri can be used in the new iPad. But I think the most important thing is that Siri has learned to speak in new languages, so it will be finally a useful tool for most of us. In iOS 6 Siri will also support Italian, Loreano, Mandarin and Cantonese.

Apple has also collaborated with several automobile manufacturers for something called Eyes Free, which basically is the inclusion of a button for call to Siri. (more…)