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First, you must register your blog from blogger as a page or a group on Facebook. Choose either information, the title, the description and the image that will be logo.Then invite your friends and readers to register. For readers there is a 

widget – and this is what we are going to talk about.

Therefore, for this widget, log on to Facebook, go to the Blog page and click on “Add a widget on the Web site”

Select your blog and change the two options as you wish: they include news and show the fans (I recommend both)

Click on + Blogger.
Then, go to page layout and then move the widget in the column of your choice. When have positioned you, modify and look at this:

“fb:fan connections =”x”width =”and”profile_id =”110083063877? stream =”z”

You can replace x with the number of fans that want to appear (I recommend an even number for easy viewing), and by the width of the column in pixels and 0 or 1 for display or name of the sequence (the news).

Here is another option

CSS: its own style of the map widget
height: height of the widget in pixels

blogger widget contador de visitasAdd a widget counter to a Blogger blog is very easy.

1. Go to the home page of site visits counter: hit-counter

2. Choose your counter style.

2 B. enter a value (Starting count) of initial counter.

3. Enter the url of your blogger blog. (http://tu

You will then see a blogger Add button. Now you can change the title of the block that contains the counter of visits.

Add this widget and is. You can then choose where you want your counter to appear.


Today, each will have its own Blog for free and without computer knowledge! I’ll show you how to create a Blog on Blogger (Blogspot). Blogger is a blogging platform that facilitates the publication of a blog online. It is a service that offers a multitude of tools for people publish content on the web. In 2010, is one of the few free blog without advertising services. Since 2003, Blogger is owned by Google

1 go to Blogger and enter data from your Google (gmail, YouTube…) account. If you do not have, create a Gmail account for example, and you can use to register on Blogger

2. Register with Blogger. After you enter the data (more…)

One of the ways more interesting to actually make money online is to start a blog.

If you want to start creating your blog, cannot doubt before a variety of blog platform options.

However, you should know that it is very important not to carry his election on a platform of blog, despite all their efforts, to report anything interesting.

Later in this article, it will be made you save time by you revealing the best platforms of two that are useful to generate money.

But let me give you my simple definition of what is a blog platform.

What is a Blog platform?

A blog platform is a software that is able to transform their writing on (more…)

Viadeo may become a tool for bloggers. Some readers have asked if it is possible to add a “Share on Viadeo”link to our Blogger templates, and although this is possible…

I will explain how you can add it to your Blogger template so that your readers can publish your article on their Viadeo

Modification of your template to add links on Viadeo

1/Research in this section into your Blogger template code (or similar):