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Today, each will have its own Blog for free and without computer knowledge! I’ll show you how to create a Blog on Blogger (Blogspot). Blogger is a blogging platform that facilitates the publication of a blog online. It is a service that offers a multitude of tools for people publish content on the web. In 2010, is one of the few free blog without advertising services. Since 2003, Blogger is owned by Google

1 go to Blogger and enter data from your Google (gmail, YouTube…) account. If you do not have, create a Gmail account for example, and you can use to register on Blogger

2. Register with Blogger. After you enter the data (more…)

In the previous article on resources for creating WordPress themes in HTML5, we talked about a number of very useful for web design plugins, because they allow us to make the leap to the latest version of HTML.

In this article we will talk about themes developed WordPress thinking about HTML5 and its use as a starting point to create custom templates. If you do web design freelance, you will know only too well that this is something really important.

You can find a simple example of how to create a HTML5 template for WordPress, as well as the way to clarify the code in anatomy of a wordpress theme.

Also, it is desirable to analyse any already created HTML5 template for WordPess, as in the case of the subject Yoko, which not only uses HTML5, but that you are ready for Internet Explorer versions prior to the 9.

One of the most practical ways to implement HTML5 to our WordPress site or our template, is to take a base theme. That is, choose an existing template that we will modify our information. If this is the case, there is also a large amount of free online access templates, as well as other payment.

Roots is a template designed based on HTML5 and Boilerplate (a model HTML5 encoding native, adaptable to all browsers). Roots include several plugins, elements for the link to Twitter and Facebook and optimization for SEO (search engine optimization).

Similar benefits offers the template Reverie, inspired by Roots with some characteristics. Stresses the ability to adapt to different resolutions and devices flexibly (responsive design).

Bones, is a theme that helps you develop in HTML5, also have in mind the responsive design, or design adaptive web (to resolutions and various devices). With a very clean and well documented code.

TwentyTen Five, can of course, resort to the basics using this theme, which is an evolution of the classic TwentyTen brought before default WordPress, only that converted to HTML5.

In sum, a lot of templates that will facilitate the creation of our own themes of WordPress in HTML5, don’t try!.