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LG Optimus 4X HD reaches Europe

Posted: May 18, 2012 in LG
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LG announced the arrival of Optimus Quad telephone 4X to Europe, had declared for the first time on the phone in February. The device holds the system Android 4.0 with special LG interface and provides processor NVIDIA Tegra 3 speed 1.5 GHz. The following hardware specifications:

Screen measure 4.7 inch high precision selection with 720p True HD IPS Tekaya camera background accurately 8 megapixel camera, front precisely 1.3 megapixel camera 1 GB of memory RAM16 GB of storage space capacity 2150 Meli aldakhlihbetaret ambersmakh 8.9 mm

Device battery LG boasts that the largest of capacity for phones, quad core processor which will provide longer battery life for users.

The device will arrive to Germany and Sweden, Britain, Italian Bologna in June, up to the rest of the world ” “ in the coming months, according to the company.

Recall that the company had announced a few days ago on the Optimus phone LTE2 which is the first phone with 2 GB of RAM but the company did not declare the date put the device in the world market.



The Court failed in a final adjudication in the case of Google, Oracle launched its last month. It was expected that the Tribunal shall render its final decision yesterday in case alleging Oracle that Google violated which holds two patents related to interfaces for the Java language code in the Android system. Although the jury has reached a decision that Google violated already patented Oracle, but the story was deadlocked not yet.

The story is not over because the jury failed to confirm whether using techniques called Oracle as “ ” is protected within the stolen defines fair use in the United States.

Fair use is a term used in American law requiring under certain conditions that are entitled to use the work archive copyright under certain conditions specified without this user is against the law or breach of copyright.

Google says in its defence that the code used for interfaces within the fair use policy was because thanks to Android has raised the importance of Java developers interest (this is without a doubt), said that the view of Android Java this success in mobile phones, let alone what Google used is a set of open source codes and available free to all. This is the company that used must be protected by fair use law even if proved that the violation by way of special copyright baurakl.

Google said that they used those codes for a completely different product industry significantly from its original form, thus the final product which was distinctive, different and not a copy and paste “ ” or “ ” tradition. This is a point that stands in favor of Google of course.

Now because the jury was unable to reach unanimity, Google seeks to claim invalidity of the Court, which is a great opportunity that is approved by the judge because of jury confusion and conflicting views. Invalidity of the Court means that the Court will consider the case further, but time will be weighted has tended rather to Google in the new Court that the first court was not capable of adjudication “ ” Google makes.


Sega Company,,company profiles,dreamcast,sega,sega company,sega dreamcast,sega games,sega genesis,sega portableThe Japanese company Sega will restructured its business in the United States.UU. and Europe following the decrease in sales in the last fiscal year. Specifically, in the current fiscal year sales decreased by 8% compared to the previous period due above all to the ” adverse market conditions ” in the United States.UU. and Europe.

“In the consumer sector, we have decided to undertake a restructuring of the organization responsible for games boxed for U.S. markets.”UU. “and Europe, with the objective of establishing a structure that can generate steady profits, as a part of the strategy to restore growth and improving income,” the company said in an official statement. The digital sector will be one of the fronts in which Sega will insist to grow in the future, something demonstrated the success of titles for mobiles as Kingdom Conquest, which has sold more than 2,500,000 units in just three months. In comparison, Sonic Generations, the second best-selling title of the fiscal year, sold 1,800,000 in 4 months.