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Google has commemorated the fifth anniversary of his plans to improve online safety for users. The company explained that in that time have improved warning system in different browsers and have managed to fight the infected sites, malware attacks and phishing. Google data confirm that the five years of its initiative to have given much.

In 2007 Google created a team that aimed to develop systems that would allow for safer navigation on the Internet. This team has worked to make major browsers, Chrome, Firefox and Safari, they received warnings of threats. Google has said that in that time have worked “to accommodate the growing challenge them and to build an infrastructure that automatically detects harmful content.”

According to company data, through the efforts of the past five years have failed to protect 600 million users who use Chrome Firefox or Safari. Google explained that every day 9,500 identifies malicious Internet sites, illustrating the growing problem of infected or malicious pages.

The prevention system Google has grown and now, every day, Google warns on between 12 and 14 million searches for the requested page can be dangerous. This is an important part in the Google search system, which gives an idea of commitment to prevention that keeps the company.

In (more…)


Do you know how long have to wait the visitors so that loading the pages of your web site when they browse it at the time?

The speed of the site is a very important measure affecting much experience that visitors receive on their website. And if the site loaded slowly that negatively affect all its traffic and conversion measures. Without knowing the speed of loading of your pages you may be unaware of some serious barriers that users face on its web site and this could be damaging the income and benefits of your site.

To help all the webmasters Google has added monitoring of the speed of the site (“Site Speed”) to Google Analytics. This allows you to see the speed of all your pages so that you can then use this information to optimize the slow pages and improve the experience of users of its web site. The tool is based on specifications of the W3C “Navigation Timing” and therefore represents the time between clicking on a link and the full burden of the next page in the browser.

There are three important things you need to know (that really nobody explains) about how it works Site Speed:

Monitoring of the site speed only works with visitors with the latest versions of browsers that have Navigation Timing functionality, and also in the older browsers that have the Google Toolbar. This means that a part of your traffic will not participate, at least for the moment.Even for browsers that function, this function will only continue to (more…)

Best of the web is that it offers an incomparable level of monitoring of everything that happens on your site. To do so you must use one of the many solutions available in Web Analytics. The most popular of which is the free tool Google Analytics. After you have installed on your web site you can know how many people have visited your site, the frequency with which returned the content consumed during these visits, how they found your site, how many visits have been “converted” (bought some of his web site, he pointed to a newsletter or commented on a post on the blog) and much more. This information will allow you to see if the time spent developing your web site gives you the result you expect.

To install Google Analytics tracking on your site, I will have to:

Go to and click “Register now” “Log in with your Google account”, or create an if still tienePulsar “Register”, enter the URL of your web site and click “Continue” to enter your contact information, click “Continue” and then “Create an account” you will receive (more…)

The independent newspaper published a report stating that the number of applications downloaded from the Google store to Play 15 billion will arrive tomorrow. But TechCrunch site contacted bghoghl to confirm information, company spokeswoman that the newspaper accounts are not accurate, because the number of applications downloaded exceeded 15 billion already for weeks!

The last official number from Google has been disclosed in the first month of this year Google said that the number of downloads have arrived (on time) to 11 billion. Some of the accounts, it means that Google currently certifies Playboy shop about one billion downloaded per month,

Android is currently the fastest growing operating system in the world, according to statistics last month, is activated more than 850,000 new device Android system daily, approximately 55 Android devices industry Corporation operates more than 300 engine for mobile phones in the world.

Got Google store application on new update Play landroid numbered version 3.5.19 convey store no. 3.5.16 released last month, some users have begun to receive the update automatically on their computers. Not mentioned Google any information on new in this update, the comparison between the new and old version does not show any differences in the lists and thus is likely a small update to fix some minor problems.

All cases will receive the update automatically without intervention from you, or can I download apk format application from here.



Since LG announced in the first month of the year during the exhibition CES 2012 on new TVs that run Android 3.0 (honey), we did not hear anything about those devices. But today the company announced the availability of the prior request in the United States to be LG’s second company put televisions running Android after Sony raised its last year.

Model 47G2 has a screen measuring 47 inches and is priced at $ 1599, while larger screen model 55G2 55 inch priced at $ 2099. Recalls that LG added modifications private interfaces that look pretty and practical. It also has a remote control that provides an easy way to control the mouse pointer on the screen by moving the hand required trends.

Recall that both Sony and Samsung announced earlier on new televisions running Android is supposed to be raised during the forthcoming period.


The Court failed in a final adjudication in the case of Google, Oracle launched its last month. It was expected that the Tribunal shall render its final decision yesterday in case alleging Oracle that Google violated which holds two patents related to interfaces for the Java language code in the Android system. Although the jury has reached a decision that Google violated already patented Oracle, but the story was deadlocked not yet.

The story is not over because the jury failed to confirm whether using techniques called Oracle as “ ” is protected within the stolen defines fair use in the United States.

Fair use is a term used in American law requiring under certain conditions that are entitled to use the work archive copyright under certain conditions specified without this user is against the law or breach of copyright.

Google says in its defence that the code used for interfaces within the fair use policy was because thanks to Android has raised the importance of Java developers interest (this is without a doubt), said that the view of Android Java this success in mobile phones, let alone what Google used is a set of open source codes and available free to all. This is the company that used must be protected by fair use law even if proved that the violation by way of special copyright baurakl.

Google said that they used those codes for a completely different product industry significantly from its original form, thus the final product which was distinctive, different and not a copy and paste “ ” or “ ” tradition. This is a point that stands in favor of Google of course.

Now because the jury was unable to reach unanimity, Google seeks to claim invalidity of the Court, which is a great opportunity that is approved by the judge because of jury confusion and conflicting views. Invalidity of the Court means that the Court will consider the case further, but time will be weighted has tended rather to Google in the new Court that the first court was not capable of adjudication “ ” Google makes.