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The security hole in LinkedIn has taught several things. The first is that no company seems to be safe from password thieves.

The second is that better do not always use the same password, because it makes our most vulnerable accounts.

And the last is that the lessons of the security companies fall on deaf ears: despite warnings, passwords stolen and published in LinkedIn accounts show that they are still using the same – and weak – access keys.

Ticbeat explains in the ABC newspaper that the security consultant, Mark Burnett, has made an analysis of the most used access keys. The first list is the already classical and easily deductible password (password in English), according to Business Insider collects. Followed by 123456, 12345678 and 1234.

Number five on the (more…)

Packages with mobile Internet

The mobile operators now offer a wide range of mobile packages with Internet and it is not always easy to choose the one suited to its needs.

Mobile plans with unlimited Internet have virtually disappeared. Now, most mobile operators restrict Internet connections to a volume data set. Beyond this volume data, your speed may be lower until the next billing date (web access is so much slower) or your consumption data may be charged in off-plan. In some cases, access the Internet from your cell phone can even be blocked (with the possibility for some mobile operators to buy refills).

The maximum volume data vary from one mobile package to another, generally ranging from 50 MB to 3 GB per month. Each mobile package thus allows different uses, depending on how many MB / GB included, and this volume data is an important criterion when choosing a mobile plan with the Internet but still need to know what these volumes …

What do the MB / GB mobile included in my package?
The megabytes (MB) and (more…)

internet_explorer_9.jpgabout 5 in the morning time Polish premiered the latest Microsoft’s browser-Internet Explorer 9. Your application will offer full support for HTML5 and CSS3. You use the accelerate graphics for text, video and graphics. It is also faster and more secure.

The Program can be either downloaded from the Internet and install or update by Windows Update in Windows 7, Vista, and Windows Server 2008.

All the fans of the old IE browsers (especially version 6) are encouraged to update.

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