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At the time, the iPhone became popular by the enormous number of applications offered by the App Store. Now comes the maturity of Google operating system, Android has thousands of interesting applications that are available in the Android Market. With this volume of applications makes it difficult to select the best applications for Android. That’s why we decided to make better apps available for Android in 2012

1. WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger is an application that is intended as a substitute for SMS messages, a truly incredible alternative to send free sms. WhatsApp Messenger, has the ability to send pictures, music, links or any type of file by phone. It is best also works with the iPhone.

2. Flash Player

Flash Player Mobile is an application for Android, which will have the ability to access all the multimedia content on the internet there, that from your Android Mobile. This is one of the best differences with the iPhone that do not (more…)

Try to see to find some good reasons.

1. The paradigm of mobile telephony has changed

In a time not so long ago as that, but that too many people tend to forget, an age before the iOS and Android, an age when the Symbian OS and other owners reigned as master, it was an age when made days of OS were quite exceptional. What makes that there was no real rule established, no “best practice” and even less real experience.

Moreover, who would have thought that would claim as their customers SHIFT? Who knew that customers would ask for the OS version before you buy? The vision of old mobile phone is no longer, you can not only boast more technical features (remember: Bluetooth, MP3 player, FM, free hand, …). The modern mobile phone is now the hardware AND the software.

Android, the implementation of the system was MAJ delicate. Certainly there are other actors in the chain (discussed later), but we can assume a lack of vision, coordination (more…)

 The Omni Group announced the launch of the OmniPlan for iPad. This application is intended to synchronize and complement the eponymous desktop application.

As the Mac version, the OmniPLan for iPad lets users organize the work with others and collaborate on various tasks. To overcome the problem of the large tables in the small screen designers created a timeline to easily view the future tasks and include new tags. Another advantage of the application is the possibility of inviting collaborators and update the joint information through synchronization. In addition this version incorporates alerts in the event that there is a logical impossibility – as the projection of a delivery date before the date of commencement of the project – and proposes a solution. The application also allows you to assign specific tasks to different partners or groups of collaborators.

OmniPlan for iPad is compatible with iOS 5.0 or higher and is now available in the App Store for u$ s 50.