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If you do not really need mobility, that is to say that you do not walk around constantly with your machine, you will not be working in improbable places, there is no need to buy a tiny laptop . Choose a model somewhat larger but with a large screen (17 “or 18”), a separate numeric keypad and a large battery is then a good choice in terms of ease of use.

Your computer must be able to follow you around but you need a minimum of comfort. A 15.4 “and just is not so bulky. Weight is reasonable and comfortable keyboard.
Mini laptop

The mini laptop computers are very small. Miniaturization, better still, components used to manufacture high performance computers for less (more…)


After the spectacular presentation yesterday for Battlefield 3, in which locals and stayed with the open mouth of the breathtaking staging and technical graphics of the game, there were many who wondered about what it would take to move PC that show . Well, DICE has been quick to reveal the minimum and recommended requirements of the game, as expected, will be a bit demanding, in addition to that Battlefield 3 will not be compatible either with DirectX9, or Windows XP.  (more…)

Square Enix has revealed the system requirements for the PC version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the third title in the much-acclaimed Deus Ex series.

The specs, which come via PC Gamer , appear to have been kept fairly low, though the game still looks good judging from what we’ve seen.  (more…)