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MotorStorm RC

The latest addition to the iconic Motor Storm series includes remote controlled vehicles. It from PlayStation Store downloadable Motor Storm RC provides opportunities for cross-platform game play, which means you compete against players with the PlayStation Vita version can record a unique competitive experience. So you wherever you are instantly record times of your friend (inn) and try to break it against ghost cars and record.

Want sizes in the same room a lesson? Then you can also game on a split screen and play them on 16 different tracks in the dust to bite.

The Jak and Daxter Trilogy

There is something special is needed to the heart of game fans to win and that is exactly what the dynamic duo Jak and Daxter did. So can you, as a tribute to their popularity the three PlayStation 2 classics Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, Jak II: Renegade and Jak 3 a great Blu-ray Disc or as separate downloads from PlayStation Store in your home.

If your action-adventures for the first play, you will undoubtedly your socks blown by the visuals in high definition and amazing stereoscopic 3D compatibility.

Mass Effect 3

Sci-fi epics bigger than Mass Effect are not hurry and you are now on the front row for the destruction of the earth … Unless of course you can prevent this stabbing. Join Commander Sheppard in an action packed RPG where you travel the fate of all life on our home planet in your hands and multiple endings are possible

Do not think you’re safe in the multiplayer mode. The co-op missions for four players can indeed affect the story in the single player mode.


Are you ready to go on an adventure in one of the most refreshing and original games ever made? Journey is about a journey through incredible landscapes full of mysteries and promises.

An ancient civilization and other mysterious travellers wait in this unique online game that is exclusively available on PlayStation Store.

Street Fighter X TEKKEN

This is the beat ’em up game that nobody saw coming. In Street Fighter X TEKKEN, the two worlds of the best fighting games from Capcom and Namco together to you amaze the rousing tagteamactie.

Only you can decide who wins the battles between characters like Kazuya and Guile and even PS3 exclusive characters like Cole MacGrath from inFAMOUS.

Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock

Doctor Who, the longest running sci-fi series on TV in the world, materializes this year in an exciting adventure on PlayStation 3. The game revolves around a mysterious creature known only as the Doctor, hostile aliens, Earth devastating plots and time travel. What more could you want in a Doctor Who game?

Take the role of the Time Lord or his feisty companion River Song and begin a journey through space and time where your actions in one era actions in the other age can affect …

Twisted Metal

Do you hear all those engines roar? That is blazing fast racing spectacle Twisted Metal the engine warmed running later this year quite the beast hanging.

Crack in a tournament between four crazed mobs on dirty streets and let chaos with more than twelve dangerous vehicles. Whether you’re an ice cream cart in which a robot can change or cool motorcycle goes, Twisted Metal is ready to rock your world upside down.

BioShock Infinite

Let the briny depths for what it is and go into this new chapter in the BioShock series height in the air city of Columbia. Your mission as a former Pinkerton agent Booker DeWitt rotates about a daring rescue attempt in which the life of a young woman on the stake.

Are you able to get in a city that falls from the sky many weapons, gadgets and skills to pick up?

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Future Soldier

Become the ultimate human weapon in a tactical shooter where a false move all your past can be. Luckily you have the crème de la crème in the field of high-tech equipment at your disposal, such as optical camouflage, rockets and X-ray glasses. The Life of a Future Soldier is full of danger. Can you make this task?

Max Payne 3

Max returns to his pain with the rest of the world to share. The former detective from New York a few years older, more cynical than ever and looking for a solution to a deadly web of deceit and deception in São Paulo, Brazil to escape.

When Max, you have his signature Bullet Time skills and weapons abound. Max Payne 3 is so full of action and the blistering hail of bullets that Rockstar Games is known for.

DUST 514

Large weapons, powerful cars and brutal battles on the ground are the ingredients for the war experience DUST 514 is called. In this strategic fps up to 48 players this explosive theater of war online entry. The battlefield is constantly evolving. Are you still standing when the calm is restored?


The struggle is everywhere, on foot, in vehicles and in the air. Welcome to the wild scifi action of Starhawk, a game where up to 32 players online the struggle for supremacy could tethering.

But it is not just that your competition in the card swipe. Thanks to the Build and Battle system you are forced during the conflict bunkers and armories to build cars and equipment and supply ships to order. Take your weapons from the fat to groundbreaking to proceed.